Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Barcelona Art - From the Street to the Gallery...

People who follow me on Instagram (you can find me at @yvonnesedition) will know that I'm a bit obsessed with street art. I have a few favourites and lately a lot of my photos have shown the work of Francisco de Pájaro who may be familiar to some of you as the guy behind 'El Arte es Basura' or 'Art is Trash' in English.

As well as painting and drawing, he's famous for his installations, using the rubbish left on the street to create temporary art that asks pertinent social questions and challenges our preconceptions.

The Base Elements Urban Art Gallery currently have an exhibition of his newest work 'Indian Joe' which I strongly recommend you go to see. If I had the cash I would buy the lot as I think he has such a unique style and I can only see him becoming more popular as time goes by. But mainly I would buy his work because I love it. If anyone fancies getting me a present, feel free.

The photos I took below will give you an idea but you really should make the effort to go to see them at the gallery if you can.  


Vix said...

That's one of the things I most love about Barcelona, the unexpected and fabulous street art! xxx

YvonneSedition said...

I'm hoping to get some good photos this weekend too as we have a festival on tomorrow with some of the best known artists here.