Monday, 6 May 2013

Barcelona on Screen...

I'm always seeing camera crews on the streets of of Barcelona and in our little barrio of Barceloneta. The city seems to inspire everyone. I've just been looking at the blog 'Living in Barcelona' which is written by a German Yvonne who introduced herself to me in a comment on this blog, and I found the following video which shows loads of scenes from literally right outside my door and all over the barrio. If your German language skills are good then you can read her post about it here or if they're as bad as mine you can use Google translate.

I love the way some of our local characters have got in on the action in this video, there are loads of familiar faces here. The beach is a big star too and the old guys playing dominoes make sure they don't miss the action either. The video really is a great snapshot of Barceloneta and the rest of the city too.

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