Saturday, 5 November 2011

Vintage Me, Barcelona...

Thursday night saw us venture out in the rain and wind to check out an event that was being held by Vintage Me at Jaleo Bar in Raval. Jaleo is right next to MACBA so it's a great spot for people watching, defintely worth a visit if you're looking for a drink in the Raval barrio.

Vintage Me, a vintage clothes company based here in Barcelona, were using the bar to have a sort of mini market/sale, and seeing as our mate Gigi D'Amico was also spinning a few tunes we decided to pop down for some beers and shopping. By the way, how fab is Gigi's hat

Unfortunately my photos are not brilliant as the lighting in the bar was a bit dark. It's a shame as there were a few items that really caught my eye and it would have been good to give you all a proper look at them. Luckily, Vintage Me have a great website so you can see some of them there.They currently have a sale on too, even better.

I never like to buy things without trying them on, and the bar wasn't really set up for that, but I did manage to pick up two scarves which I'll probably wear turban style. Look at the print on this one, it's a piano playing octopus...

We ended the night by popping over to another Raval bar, Marmalade. They have a beautiful art deco bar which you can see behind my head in the photo below. It gives the bar a kind of speakeasy vibe which is helped by the velvet curtains in the doorways, copper plated walls and the ornate billiard table. I'd recommend this bar if you're on a date as it has a cosy intimate atmosphere even though it's actually quite a big bar for Barcelona.

I'm on the hunt for a handbag big enough to bring to work. I love vintage shopping, but all I'm seeing everywhere is tiny bags and clutches. I may have to resort to ebay, even though it's annoying me at the moment. If anyone in Barcelona is reading this and they've seen any good second hand large handbags anywhere, let me know.

There is another market on tomorrow which I'm going to try to get to before work. If I do manage to get there, I'll tell you all about it in my next post.


Computergirl said...

I love Barcelona- I went to many markets while I Was there:) Looks fab xx

YvonneSedition said...

I know, we're definitely not short of markets! Thanks for popping by! xx