Monday, 23 May 2011

United Jumble: First Flea In Public

Yesterday, as well as visiting Plaça Catalunya to see how the protests are progressing, we also paid a very quick visit to El Flea, the really good market I covered in one of my previous posts. Here is a link to their blog with some photos from yesterday's event behind the Maritime museum in the Raval. This is the first time they've held it in the street and it seemed to be a success from what we saw, so here's hoping they'll get permission to do more. Sadly I'm on a buying ban till June (nearly here!) so didn't do any shopping, even though there were bargains galore. Definitely at the next one!

I'll be back soon with some longer posts and some photos, including a visit to a street full of second hand shops. I'm starting a new job so it's all been a bit mad here, but routine and order will soon return (well, as much routine and order as there ever was, anyway).


Vintage Vixen said...

I'm loving the look of that flea market! You did do well not to spend, it looks very tempting. xxx
PS thanks for the heads-up about the Scandinavian writers docu, I must track it down online, I missed it...grrr.

YvonneSedition said...

It was so tempting! I'm going to go back to the next one with a big bag. The doc was on BBC4, I think they're having some kind of Nordic season at the moment. I've just had a look but can't see it, I'll let you know if it comes back, BBC4 does tend to show stuff again xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I will definitely visit nexxt time I'm in Barcelona, it sounds great xx